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Welcome to Oak Consulting

OAK Consulting is a full-service Public Relations and communications company with a purpose to help brands break out in a new era of hyper-connected, consumer-centric communications. We are a young and dynamic company based out of the brightest and fastest growing business hub in the Middle East – United Arab Emirates.

  • Want to stimulate conversations?
  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Get your message out to the world?
  • Forge meaningful connections?

Get connected with us, because that’s what we do best.

A Public Relations and Marketing Communications Company

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Our Services

Public Relations and Communications Services from OAK Consulting are designed to complement your marketing mix in a way that maximises high profile exposure. We work with you and your team to communicate your message to your target audience. Whether it is about increasing your valuation or simply getting a wider exposure to the marketplace, we align our expertise to your evolving objectives. read more

Client News

Buy or Build? Beware of these “Invisible” Costs of in-house Data Centres

Buy or Build? Beware of these “Invisible” Costs of in-house Data Centres

In today’s business environment within the large, medium and small enterprises there is an unprecedented growth of data. Coupled with increasing use of web services, mobile applications and the Internet of Things, businesses must create and manage an IT infrastructure that will tackle their computing, networking and storage capabilities to match their current and future requirements. This increases the need for additional storage and server infrastructure and in turn the need for more efficient data centres. read more

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